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Behold: The Dice-O-Matic

Let me disclaim that I’m a software guy, so I fully understand the deterministic nature of computer-generated random numbers. That said, bulding a “7 foot tall, 104 pound, dice-eating monster,” capable of generating 1.3 million random dice rolls per day is an extreme, to-the-max, over-the-top solution! In other words, exactly the kind of solution that sets a maker’s heart aflutter.

And while I may not understand what, exactly, correspondence gaming is all about, I’ve got nothing but respect for the maker of this beautiful behemoth!

Read “Dice-O-Matic hopper and elevator” for plenty of juicy details!

I’m Not Dead Yet (I’m Feeling Better!)

I'm not dead! I feel happy!

Just a quick post to let everyone know that, contrary to appearance, Maker Nation isn’t dying the slow death of a neglected blog… at least not anymore.  I’ve got some exciting plans in the works for The Nation, far exceeding a simple blog, that I hope to be releasing soon…

In the meantime, I’ll be bringing the blog back up to full speed.  There’s certainly no lack of cool projects being done… I’ve just been lazy.

Also, if anyone is interested in contributing to the blog, drop me a line.  I think it would benefit everyone get more perspectives represented than just mine!